In Zambia, the range of communities and groups that have a voice in the public sphere is restricted. The Zambian PEN Centre, ZAMPEN, since its foundation in 2004, has promoted the development of young voices and their ability to fully participate and be heard in society through the creation of school clubs focusing on creative writing, poetry and leadership, as well as the weekly meetings of Writers Circle and the restoration of community libraries.

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The Writers in Prison Committee of PEN International is appalled by the 18 year prison sentence handed down to the Ethiopian journalist and blogger, Eskinder Nega. Nega was convicted on highly dubious terrorism-related charges on 27 June 2012. The WiPC and other press and free expression groups believe that Nega was charged and convicted because of his critical reporting. The WiPC calls on the Ethiopian authorities to throw out the sentence and free Eskinder Nega.

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